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Mortgage Pre-Approvals

Pre-Approval to Buy a home

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The first step in purchasing a home is to make sure that you have a Pre-Approval from your bank, lender or me.


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1. Compile all of your information, T4's, and any income for the past 2 years.

2. You will need  2years NOA's (Notice of Assessments) from the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency)


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3. You will need a job letter, stating the time employed as well as confirmation of wages.

4. All/any debts and loans need to be listed, including car leases, student loans etc.,


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5.  A current credit bureau report will need to be pulled to determine your credit score.

6. Photo copy of passport/or drivers license

Once you are Pre-Approved

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7.  A form completed and signed giving permission for the credit bureau report.

8. A current pay stub

It's time to Buy a Home

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9.  Proof of deposit funds. 

10. Photocopy of savings accounts, RSP's, Bonds, etc.,

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